An Irresistible Free Website Making Offer

People may say this is too good to be true but Glenn offers the kind of perk in his new website,, that would certainly create a buzz throughout the Philippines., a web design service provider in the Philippines, recently made an awe-inspiring offer to help local small businesses situated in the country by designing for them a 6-page website free of charge. In his post entitled “Free Website Maker Philippines”, he offered a giveaway that will change the history of web design in the Philippines and will give small and medium-sized businesses a chance to take a leap in the day-to-day struggles to grow.

The website, which is just less than a month old, proudly offers the freebie which will allow local businesses to have an online presence and a chance to see what is it that the internet can offer. The proposition will give them an opportunity to dip their toes into the internet marketing waters and see if it will give them a chance to thrive in the online arena.

It was announced by its owner, Glenn Mark, that the deal is only limited to local businesses owned by Filipino citizens. It is not available to his clients who are mostly from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. In the words of the owner, it is merely his way of giving back to his countrymen. He wanted them to experience how great it is for the business to be available online – an experience which only a few businesses in the country have enjoyed thus far.

With the brewing ASEAN economic integration in December this year, there exists a real need to innovate in every aspect of the business. This innovation includes development of business website and social media presence. A fully functional website will serve as the portal for information for any business. It will serve as the 24/7 source of information that will help clients know more about the business.

This free website offer is not available to those who wish to have their personal websites built nor to Filipinos doing business abroad. As announced, the free website shall remain the property of until the business chooses to subscribe to Glenn’s low-cost website design service or unless it chooses to ask to host the website and buy the domain for their business. Pending upgrade, Glenn will display his advertising banners on conspicuous places of the website. Glenn however gives an assurance that the said banners will not be obtrusive for the eyes.

As per announcement, the 6-page-website shall include the homepage, about page, contact page, blog page, reviews page, and links page. The local business will also be given the chance to choose colors that will best represent its brand and a few other options to choose from. In the event that the owner is ready to fully devote his time to grab his share of the online market, he can easily ask for an upgrade at a very minimal cost.