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Many companies claim to be the best in the area, but FloodCA possesses all the qualities that make the claim true.

FloodCA is a water damage company that home and business owners can trust. Many companies claim to be the best in the area, but FloodCA possesses all the qualities that make the claim true. First, the company has tenure and experience under its belt. has been in business for many years helping businesses and home owners to get back on track after devastating incidents have occurred. Experience is one of the most important qualities of a water damage company, and FloodCA has it to share abundantly. 

Another reason that residents can trust the specialists at FloodCA is that consumers give it high ratings. California business owners and residents who have used FloodCA have attested to its high level of professionalism, promptness and thorough implementation of water damage restoration. 

Customer service efforts are high on the list at FloodCA. The company tries to accommodate the customers as much as possible. For example, customers can call and request a quote 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Specialists can come out and perform emergency cleaning so that no business or home stays in shambles after a devastating event. Another way that the company accommodates its customers is by providing a free quote. A specialist will come out and review the damages and offer a quote based on the individual situation. 

FloodCA provides a wide variety of service to California residents. They can assist a business owner or homeowner with the services such as:

Water Damages

Water damage can occur because of unexpected water heater combustion, floods, home accidents and more. Getting the water cleared from the area as quickly as possible is crucial. The wood in the home has a chance to rot the longer the water sits and settles. For that reason, specialists are available to provide a homeowner with immediate attention. The specialist can dry, humidify and sanitize the area. 

Fire and Smoke Damage

A fire is one of the most devastating events that can occur. The FloodCA workers can come and clean up the piles of wood, soot and other toxic items that appear in mounds after a fire has struck someone's home or office. Clearing the area is a time-sensitive action because the toxicity of the site will grow worse the longer the damage stays there. Professionals can return any structure to near-perfect condition. 


Sewage cleanup is another service that FloodCA provides its customers. The company will come in and perform tasks such as removing offensive sewer odor, clearing clogs, decontaminating the area, cleaning the crawlspace, extracting sewage water and more. Specialists are available at all times to take care of sewer incidents inside of mobile home and RV communities, businesses, residential homes and the like. 

An interested person can contact FloodCA at any time by calling the phone number or completing a brief online form. The number to call is 424-270-0135. Someone will come out to the site as quickly as possible to inspect the damage and offer the caller a free quote.


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