Firm Opens New Glendale Carpet Cleaning Office

This new Glendale carpet cleaning facility will enable the Encino-based company to expand its eco-friendly services in southern California.

Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning recently established a satellite office in the city of Glendale, California. This new Glendale carpet cleaning facility will enable the Encino-based company to expand its eco-friendly services in southern California while meeting the growing demand for organic cleaners. The office's professional staff intends to serve both commercial and residential customers throughout the area.

New Location

The newest Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning office is conveniently located at 202 South Central Avenue. Clients may contact the facility by phone at 818-208-0778. The well-trained employees at this location provide free quotes, set up appointments and respond to emergencies. When carpets need immediate cleansing, technicians can reach locations in the Glendale area within one hour. They respond to emergencies at any time of day or night.

Citrus has established this new facility to satisfy the rising demand for green and organic carpet services in Los Angeles County. With a population of over 190,000 people, the city of Glendale provides many opportunities for this company to gain additional home and business customers. It also expects to benefit from the satellite office's proximity to other major cities in southern California.

During recent years, a variety of factors have boosted the public's interest in organic cleaning. People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that toxic chemicals have on their health. More and more Californians suffer from asthma, various allergies and other conditions that conventional cleaners can exacerbate. Many people also have concerns about their effect on pets.

Cleaning Methods

Conventional carpet cleaners in California typically use products that contain a number of potentially harmful ingredients. These substances can include sodium hydroxide, formaldehyde, artificial scents and/or various acids. When applied, they frequently release vapors that pollute the air inside homes and businesses. This can trigger lung irritation, eye discomfort, fatigue, congestion, headaches, coughing and many other ailments.

Some people try to avoid these problems by only cleaning occasionally. However, grimy carpeting often produces medical problems as well. It can collect dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, mites and other particles that cause allergic reactions. This is particularly problematic during the spring and summer months. Carpets may also harbor bacteria or pest insects. Regular cleaning prevents people and pets from spreading them throughout a building.

Companies like Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning strive to solve both problems. They use natural, biodegradable products that thoroughly clean surfaces while eliminating odors. These substances are also less likely to promote mold growth than conventional cleaners. In addition to protecting the health of a business or home's occupants, they reduce the environmental impact of carpet cleansing. This improves the cleanliness of California's outdoor air and water.

About Citrus

Although it has only begun to provide Glendale carpet cleaning services, Citrus Organic Carpet Cleaning is a company with long-term experience. It has served commercial and residential clients in southern California for more than two decades. In addition to eco-friendly cleaning products, the company uses powerful vacuum equipment to thoroughly cleanse carpets and furniture. Citrus serves customers in Valencia, Reseda, Encino and several other cities.