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A reliable bail bond service provider that helps people in Southern California who need assistance with bail.

Fresh Start Bail Bonds is a reliable bail bond service provider that helps people in Southern California who need assistance with bail. Fresh Start understands that accused persons need to be free so that they can make it back and forth to work and visit family members. The facility provides the funds that defendants need for their jail release, and it provides them in a prompt fashion. Fresh Start customers can show up on their court dates in fresh suits with the help of the Fresh Start Crew. Southern California residents can trust in Fresh Start because of its:

Longstanding Reputation for Helping People in Need

Fresh Start is no new kid on the block when it comes to providing Southern California bail bonds. The company has been in business for many years bailing defendants out of jail so that they can be productive as they wait for court. The business in is now expanding to various parts of California so that its trusty bail bondsmen can assist even more California residents than before. If the company keeps on expanding, it will soon be the friendly neighborhood bail bond company to the entire state. 

Willingness to Assist Anyone

Fresh Start is successful because it will provide assistance to anyone. The company doe does not judge the people who contact its representatives for assistance. The bondsmen understand that a person is innocent until someone proves him or her guilty. Therefore, they are willing to put forth the effort to have anyone released no matter what the charge. Bondsmen will release defendants who are facing traffic tickets, drug charges, theft and more. The person must appear in court on the specified date, however. 

Fast and Friendly Customer service

All people who work for Fresh Start have a friendly demeanor and a helpful attitude. They are available to explain every aspect of the process to friends, family members and defendants themselves. The goal of the customer service team is to interview applicants as quickly as possible so that their applications can be approved. Once that step of the process is complete, the bail bondsman's main goal is to get the defendant released ASAP. Other bail bond companies may be able to have defendants released in a day, but Fresh Start can have defendants released in hours. Immediate jail release is extremely important to the organization's representatives. 

Contact Fresh Start for Help Today

A defendant or interested party can contact Fresh Start for immediate help. Someone will start processing the application right away. The applicant will have to give the representative some information on the defendant and the jail that person is in. The applicant will have to provide some personal financial details to get the application approved, as well. A Fresh Start bondsman will request a fee for the services once the application is approved. The bondsmen can go out to release the defendant as soon as the person pays the small fee. Families can share the days preceding the court date with their precious loved one.


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