Reliable Water Damage Restoration Website Is Now Mobile Friendly

Reliable Water Damage Restoration has finally paid attention to making their website and the information therein available to customers on mobile devices.

The Reliable Water Damage Restoration Company (RWDRC) has been a leading company that specializes in restoring water damaged properties for both commercial and residential customers. The company has been offering their services to satisfied customers for many years, operating in the Long Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, Santa Monica, Buena Park and Cerritos areas of California. Through their services, they restore the reliability of properties after devastating accidents and events like floods, leaks or fires have occurred. These services include water extraction, surface drying, disaster cleanups, dehumidification and air cleansing among others, and are offered on a 24/7 basis -- thus making RWDRC not only efficient, but also convenient.

A Brand New Mobile-Friendly Website

To build on their dedication to giving their customers the best experience from start to finish, RWDRC has updated its website to make it both more user-friendly and new-technology compliant. The new and improved is now a complete information resource for prospective and current clients that is also completely mobile adaptable. That is, the new site has been redesigned and adapted to fit the new Mobilegeddon Google update, making it more accessible. This is great news for those who need to access the information within its pages on the go, as well as for those prospective clients who turn to Google for solutions to their water damage problems. These changes make the website more visible in Google search engine results, as the site will organically rank higher.

The Mobilegeddon Google update is an algorithm change implemented by Google that allows for mobile friendly (often refers to as responsive) websites to rank higher in Google searches when such searches are conducted via mobile devices. These changes are made so that web users can automatically enjoy browsing sites that are compatible with their devices without the difficulty or tediousness of having to sift through the ones that are not. By making the RWDRC website compatible with these changes and new requirements, RWDRC can enjoy exposure of their services and offerings to a whole new demographic. 

Endeavoring To Move With The Times

RWDRC has always paid attention to making their website and the information therein available to customers at their point of access. In today's Internet experience, points of access are increasingly mobile. No longer are clients accessing websites from only desktops and laptops only. Instead they are using tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices of varying kinds and models. Therefore, having a website that is available at optimum levels on these devices is no longer a mere option. It is instead a requirement. It is for this reason that the new updates on the Reliable Water Damage Restoration official website are welcomed. The changes afford web users the convenience of accessing the services and help of the RWDRC right where they are -- at the point of their need. Both business and residential clients can access information relevant to their needs by visiting the website's homepage, and selecting the relevant sections of the website including contact information.