San Diego County Bail Bonds Company Provides Better Service

Residents of Southern California have discovered that Fresh Start Bail Bonds takes a different, more service-oriented approach to the problems of making bail and appearing in court.

Fresh Start Bail Bonds of San Diego County offers the residents of Southern California exceptionally fast service regardless of how much money arrest victims and their families have on hand. As one of the fastest growing bail bond companies in the country, Fresh Start provides an extra level of service that's uncommon in the world of courts, bail bonds agents and law enforcement where everyone seems to be jaded, harried and uncaring. Residents of Southern California have discovered that Fresh Start takes a different, more service-oriented approach to the problems of making bail and appearing in court.

Speed, Courtesy, Understanding and a Unique Twist

The rapidly growing bail bonds company provides understanding bail services from experienced bail bonds agents throughout Southern California. An agent experienced in California law and its court systems will arrange bail faster than most other bail bonds companies, and he or she will explain all the options to anyone who's been arrested and walk him or her through the process. The agent, in a unique twist, will see that each client has a fresh suit or suitable clothing for court appearances.

Clothing can influence justice, and California judges, whether rightly or wrongly, consider a defendant's appearance and behavior in court. Juries can be even more heavily influenced by clothing. Too often, defendants appear in jeans and brief tops that expose tattoos and piercings. Courts have rules of dress and behavior, but defendants who've been incarcerated are often at a disadvantage.

Standard Services Are Always Included

Fresh Start Bail Bonds is proud of its ability to make getting out of jail as simple as possible. Defendants who've been charged with a crime won't find more sympathetic, knowledgeable or experienced bonding agents anywhere. The benefits of using Fresh Start include:

• Multiple office locations throughout Southern California to ensure the fastest possible service
• Experience and resources to handle any case no matter how low or high the bail might be
• Knowledge to help defendants with their cases
• Licensed and familiar with California's often confusing arrest and booking process
• Strict confidentiality of each case
• Easy payment options
• Bail bonds without collateral
• Service 24/7 for faster releases from jail
• Agents who are on the side of those who've been arrested

Family and Business Obligations Are Important

Fresh Start's San Diego County bail bonds company understands that being arrested can cause overwhelming problems for defendants and their families---such as missing work and family obligations. That's why the company is committed to getting arrested people out of jail quickly so that arrests cause minimal disruption to daily life. Prompt, professional and sympathetic service is always provided, but people should be aware that any agent will need the following information:

• Name of the jail and city where a defendant is incarcerated
• Full name and booking number of the incarcerated
• The amount of bail so that Fresh Start can calculate the fee for posting bond

Fresh Start Bail Bonds believes that every defendant has a right to bail, the right to be considered innocent until convicted and the ability to appear in court in a way that doesn't prejudice the judge or jury.


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